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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Butterfly Lullaby NOT YOURS SO GET STUFFED!

My Butterfly Lullaby not yours, so get stuffed. Just like I stuffed the porcelain doll in the picture below. Seriously you selfish people, you picked on the wrong person to rip off! And I am going for you all. I want my royalties for using my Butterfly Lullaby Trademark name without my consent and for trying to pay to over take me in Google and other search engines. Google stopped you, ha ha ha! Selfish, greedy people create recessions! And as for you sick idiots that steel children's lives I am so going to make you suffer the way you have made my family suffer. You better pray because once I am done with you. You will be living on the streets where you belong in the GUTTER!

I am owed some serious royalties and justice. I can see a big fat cheque coming my way and putting shame to the whole of the UK, don't you worry if the UK Government is not going to put our children first I will damn well find a Country that does and look out because when I want to catch a shark I damn well make sure I get it! I have won loads of battles because I never give up. I am not some pathetic women who paints her nails and wants to look pretty for men. No that brainwashing was ditched years ago. I put my child first!

Shame on all the people that have not tried to support my child and help her get out of this horrible black hole which makes her wheeze and cough.

Shame on you Waterstones for selling my books for huge profits and not giving any money to my child or Cystic Fibrosis for poor Jodie.

I demand that the Internet gives me justice and you stop people selling my books. Do I make myself clear?
Or are you going to owe me a huge sum of money too?

I am not finished yet. But I have things to do. I will be back and you better be worried because I am really peed off and angry that I will not stop till I get justice and payment for the hell you  have all put me and my family through.

Don't mess with Sharon J. Bainbridge because she is a real women who puts children first!

Oh and lets just see how talented I am, the one that Britain refuses to acknowledge:

First was the Butterfly Lullaby book launch at the Dylan Thomas Centre:

I made all the costumes for the little fairies in the video. And all the photographs in the book were created by me using Photoshop. The songs I co wrote with my partner. The Butterfly Lullaby story took me less than a week to create. As London Mum's Magazine says "I am a genius." And that is not being big headed that is just standing up for my rights against Great Britain and the unfair justice system that does not protect children and mothers. You are not going to make me feel worthless any more because I can see with my very own eyes just how much you have ripped me off and have a huge file of attacks on me and my business. Something I am not and that is stupid.

Next ... Here are some videos promoting the United Kingdom, Wales and England. Big mistake that was!

I have got over four years of video and photograph promotion here on the Internet and Google search engines that is a hell of a lot of work for not one penny coming in to give my daughter the life she deserves.

But do you know something. I now know what causes recessions and why so many people suffer. It is all thanks to selfish, greedy women and men that are not capable to putting our children first.

There you have it. Well I am not willing to let bullies get away with treating my family so badly so I am going to fight tooth and nail to get the justice I deserve. And that means the UK looks stupid well that is their own damp fault for not looking after our poor children.

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