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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thanks to Google I found Miles family tree

Without Google and You Tube I would have no voice to stand up to bullies. And I would not be able to showcase all my work and tell Swing out Sister to stick it where the sun does not shine, and that I will get Justice one day, it is just a matter of time. Same with bullies.

Google has found part of my family tree! Thank you Google. I often search Google to see if any family are looking for us and there it was a website with my Great Grandfathers name on it. I like to scrapbook my images onto postcards and write on the back. And our family history is like something from a murder mystery.

Here is my lovely Great Grandad and Great Nan. Poor Great Nan being blamed for Nan's dark colour. I often wonder what happened to her. You hear of the German women being abused by men in war I wonder if the same happened to Great Nan when she lost her husband, as she was so beautiful. I seriously do not see her leaving her children behind. Unless the racism really got to her and she thought that was the only way to make sure her children had a better life by hoping her white in laws would take them? Strange how she has been erased from history with no record of where she died. Yet the army brought the children back to England so there must be a record of what really happend. The plot thickens. And so does LeFevre the huge big department store that could well have been white relations to Nan as her Grandmother was called LeFevre.

Great Uncle Nelson Miles, my grandfathers brother. Now this is where it simply does not add up. He had two sisters and one brother. Yet the family tree I have found is so different. The Mother is not the same and neither are all the siblings. But his wife is. All a bit strange to me. I wonder if someone in power changed it to hide a secret.

I am sure our spelling is Myles not Miles. Will have to double check the paperwork.

Are we related?


If you have any information please get in contact I am on Facebook and you can leave a comment here. Thank you Google the family history adventure has been fun. And it is thanks to you that I have managed to find my Mum's cousin and old photographs of our great grandparents.

The things I really hate about the Internet  is Adult Trash, Bullying and Racists. Is anyone doing anything to stop this? Does anyone care about our poor children and mothers who go through hell because of it?

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Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

Google finds family who have old family photographs of Great Grandparents. Thank you Google!

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