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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bratz doll Butterfly costume handmade Holly Blue Butterfly

My little girl transformed her above Bratz doll into a beautiful Holly Blue Butterfly like the one we found on her school Butterfly Meadow.

Yesterday my little girl asked "Mummy what are you doing?" I replied "I am transforming your Bratz doll into a beautiful natural white butterfly. That is when she replied "can I make a Bratz butterfly costume too?"

Little Snowflake never ceases to amaze me. I gave her the old black top I had used to make the body and she cut, cut, cut. Then she asked for a needle and thread and within all of five minutes she had created the butterfly body. I adore the way she has taken the shoes off the doll to make her look like a real butterfly. Then I gave her some white cotton fabric and she traced round my wing template with black felt tip pen. Then she started to colour in the wings using a blue felt tip pen, sadly it ran out of ink. But that did not stop Little Snowflake, off she went in search of the same colour and came up with the blue crayon. You are a total genius my little darling!

I have always tried to discourage my little girl from wearing make-up. There have been birthday parties where you feel you have to participate. When she went to a birthday party where all her friends were getting make-up and nail varnish applied, I was so proud that she came back with only her hair curled. A part of me did feel a bit guilty as you feel all the rest think this is normal. But for me personally childhood is about making mud pies and being a little girl, not trying to be an adult by plastering make-up on. I want her to grow up and not make Mummy's mistakes as I wasted my whole youth trying to be pretty. If you agree with what I have written then you may find Tanith Carey's book "Where has my little girl gone?" an interesting read. When I found this book on London Mum's Magazine I felt a sense of relief as at last another Mother who can see the dangers of our very plastic world where some little girls are growing up feeling no self worth. Things need to change! As a Mother we need to look deeper at our past and say do we really want our little girls to go through what we did, never feeling good enough for a man to love us? Think about it!

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