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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Draculaura doll bat mask for sale Monster High Dolls


I decided to take Monica from London Mum's Magazine advice and start listing some of my handmade items for sale. The Monster High dolls are very popular at the moment so I have listed the handmade bat masks and numbered and signed them on the back. There are only two for sale so far as I am just testing the water. One for sale in the USA and one in the UK. Creating costumes is something I really enjoy. Monica from London Mum's Magazine thinks I have a real talent for design and will be creating a blog just for my doll's costumes.

Here is one of the costumes I created for my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby. This is where the Butterfly Princess turns into a bat and drains her Mother, the Queen Butterfly of all her energy.

As you can see here Waterstones are selling my book for over £60. That gives you a rough guide at how America loves my work. Try not to buy my books from the Internet until I give the OK, long story!

Draculaura singing Bats flying high:

Lyrics to Bats flying high on Little Snowflakes blog:

Here I am reading out a part of my Butterfly Lullaby story where the Butterfly Princess turns into a bat. For Halloween I decided to have some fun and draw on my face like the old Gothic days.

If you like the above costumes you may also like the fairy costumes I made and designed for my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby, which was launched back in March 2007 by the Mark Jermin Stage school.

It is quite ironic that Draculaura actually looks a lot like I used to when I was 19 years old. I was a bit of an arty Goth for a while. My first costume I ever designed and made was very vampire like. I think I will have to recreate this for Monster High's Draculaura. If I get time I will upload a photograph this week so we can all have a giggle at my expense. I think I must have been the first ever living and breathing Monster High doll. The lovely thing is all the punters used to come into the pub see me behind the bar because I was colourful and fun to be around. I was the talk of Mr Cherry's as they did not know what colour I was going to die my hair or what outfit I would create. As a Mummy now I just hope my little girl does not follow in Mummy's footsteps! I try to keep her well away from make-up except for face painting. Keep playing with the dolly's and mud pies sweetie and stay little. When you grow up I want you to be a Princess, not a Goth, as Goths end up kissing toads! If you are a Mummy you will understand my little joke. I think we need to teach our little girls to dress their age and keep them away from trouble. I spent my whole youth trying to be pretty and putting far too much make-up on. Looking back I know I attracted the wrong type of men, so I do not want my little girl to make the same mistakes. All I can do is guide her, hopefully she will listen and meet someone one day that truly loves her as a human being. Well that is my goal!

Here is just a little insight of what my make-up was like back then. Scary ah! Painted seagulls were inspired by my coastal town Hastings by the sea. I love my little girls drawing of me with my painted face.

When I left the pub work and worked as a secretary in London I toned down my look. However, I think I still wore too much make-up as I never felt pretty enough because of the way I was treated by some men. So this message is for you sweetie pie and all the little girls growing up. Do not make Mummy's mistakes. Be yourself and remember you are beautiful inside and out. Dress smart and professionally to attract the right sort of people. However I think that we do need to educate boys so they grow up to respect their Mothers and women. It is time all Governments put family values first and made sure Mothers and Women are treated with the highest respect no matter what they look like.

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