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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fairtrade poster school homework chocolate Easter

Yesterday my little girl and I researched Fairtrade for her school homework. I just adore the poster she created. It is really quite shocking to see what traders get away with and how they put money before children's rights. Farms only get 5% whilst the trader gets a whopping 70%. So when you go and buy your Easter chocolate this year try and buy some Fairtrade chocolate. Believe me I know how tight things are in the UK and how Mothers urgently need support groups to help them earn for free from the Internet so they can be at home with their child. But even if you buy just one bar of Fairtrade chocolate, that could save a child's life from slavery. And tell your friends to do the same. All children deserve a childhood!

I blog for London Mum's Magazine re arts and crafts and things that matter to me. Monica who runs the group is a lovely, kind lady. And I can tell you I am desperate for a Struggling Mum's support group. One that helps one another to earn money with no fees involved. I wish I could set one up but sadly you are charged for everything. But I am no quitter so will keep trying. If you want to join me send me an email as together we can force change and move mountains. Our children deserve better and so do we. Family values need to come first.

Email Sharon: misschilliebee@msn.com

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