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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Arty Mummy Monster High Draculaura Lagoona

I have always been arty. When I worked in Mr Cherry's that is when my art ended up taking over my whole appearance. Drawing seagulls on my face was my way of saying "I am just an arty sort of a girl!" As a Mother now you would not think I am the same person, my little girl and I laugh about the way I looked and she hates make-up so fingers crossed she goes for the more natural look!

Back in the 80's in Hastings no one battered an eye lid to the way I was dressed or looked. The locals used to love to come into Mr Cherry's Pub, which is now closed, just to see what sort of make-up or costume I had designed.

The above photograph is of me looking a little similar to Lagoona Blue. I had made a dress out of an old black sack we use for the rubbish. Covered it in green paint which looks a little like seaweed. And added some sea snakes. Hmmm Dad was so impressed he had to get his camera out. Have to say the white daisy's look more fetching than me, te he. Oh to be young!

My dear friend Merrill gave me an old Singer Sewing machine with a handle. I used this sewing machine to make my out of this world goth dress. Well it is actually a skirt and top. I wonder what happened to it? Probably in some charity shop somewhere. If anyone finds it send me a message.

You can see why I love the Monster High dolls as I was a living and breathing version. These dolls are just so arty and creative I cannot help but love them. The way the arms and legs move make them stand out to all the rest of the dolls on the market. Monster High you rock! Something strange is going on with my blog, spooky stuff happens! Any spelling and grammar errors just let me know.

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