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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Butterfly kit Butterfly Garden painted ladies set free

Yesterday (28/5/12) we set free four of our painted lady butterflies, which we grew from caterpillars at home. My friends had come up from London to visit us and we stayed near Swansea cost and watched the Olympic Torch pass us by on Swansea (Wales, UK) sea front Saturday afternoon. When we came home we found all four caterpillars had hatched into beautiful butterflies. I thought the one that had fallen from the cocoon had died, but he hatched later on. Sadly he has a broken wing so we will have to see if he can fly or not and decide whether to set him free. He will get eaten by the birds if he cannot fly so he may have to be our little pet butterfly who of course gets to venture out in the garden under supervision.

I made the painted lady mask, which matches well with our gorgeous butterflies. I cannot believe how my little girl managed to put them all on the flowers without them flying away. A truly magical afternoon and what an adventure it was seeing them cocoon themselves and break free into heavenly creatures.

Here is the Butterfly Kit. Butterflies love Carnations.

Best place to buy your butterfly kits would be from Insect Lore as you will get the caterpillars straight away instead of having to wait for them.


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