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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

True old fashioned family values shopping bag


I have created the above image above Time for Change, True Old Fashioned Family Values, Children 1st.
Kids have the right to have a Mother and a Father, that is 100% normal happy family life. This is being taken away from them as our society thinks it is ok to cheat and split up the family and now we have a huge contender called gay rights. Gay rights has replaced true old fashioned family values. I have nothing against gay people, but I would like it kept behind closed doors and not forced in children's faces and confusing them. Children need more rights over what they want instead of leaving it up to the selfish adult! As lets face it adults can be extremely selfish putting their needs before their children's. And sadly the Internet and Sky etc are making it extremely easy for parents to cheat with all these dating sites flashing up in the email boxes, sick chat rooms. If I was a child right now I would be disgusted with adult behaviour and how film producers think that they can force children to grow up by putting things in 12 year old films that is not child friendly. SICK PERVS!

Another reason for creating this shopping bag is to get real help and support for struggling Mothers who want to work from home to fit in around their children. Why is this made so difficult, maybe because some men are frightened that we could run the world better by not causing wars and actually helping those that need it? From where I am sitting men in power should not be in charge of our children's future as they have no idea how to put someone before themselves. Most have never had to financially struggle so do not have a clue what it is like for the person working everyday that cannot even pay the bills because of the awful salaries in the UK. And most importantly it is so obvious that they are trying to keep women in the gutter by the way they are allowed to degrade us with the Sun page 3 and all the adult trash and dating sites that destroy our true old fashioned family values. Any one that says this stuff does not hurt families is lying!
Women are brainwashed into thinking this stuff is normal, that they have to accept it and go along with whatever men want to keep them, as otherwise they will stray. That is a fact they will stray anyway! And I am not saying all men, and there are women that are just as bad. But it is time to take away the candy and make sure it is paid for subscription only so parents and people with morals that want to put their family and children first can! Maybe the children should run our world as they have better morals than adults do! It amazes me how some people are so brainwashed that they bully and try to make people like me feel bad for standing up for all the things that make children happy in a family home.

I bet my bottom dollar that we will not find a shop to support and sell these bags to raise money for struggling mothers and to create a website so Mum's all over the world can group together and sell new, old and handmade items with no fees! The advertising would cover the IT costs. And parents would be able to upload children's videos knowing that this site was all about family values so if anyone did something wrong they would be struck off. But more importantly children could shine and parents would not have to worry about some sick idiot calling their child something they should not! When are people going to stop being so money orientated and start caring! And when is the Government going to protect families from trash!

P.S. I am not perfect and have made mistakes in life. But at least I have learnt from them and try to make sure my little girl does not follow the same road as her mother as she deserves to be happy!

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Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

If you support family values and want children and mothers to have more rights leave a message and join me on Facebook.


P.S. I have been expected to work for free (charity) with a lovely idea for children to learn another language. How am I expected to replace the roof I was ripped off on with no salary coming in? My little girl and I suffer from asthma and the damp and black mould has made it worse. But there is no compassion or support here in the UK because our world is run by men.

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