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Monday, 11 June 2012

£1 butterfly stepping stones frog Pound shop

This week my little girl and I picked up some bargain Butterfly and Frog stepping stones from the £1 shop (Pound Shop.) We just love a bargain and could not believe the price. My  little girl and I adore butterflies and hope to one day have a special green house to breed all types of butterflies and set them free.

Painted Lady Butterfly garden stepping stone

Yellow Butterfly garden stepping stone. Have you ever seen a yellow butterfly?
We had one in the garden for the first time after planting lots of butterfly plants.

Holly blue butterfly garden stepping stone. My friend managed
to photograph a real Holly Blue Butterfly on our school field last year.
Came in handy when we were trying to save our butterfly meadow!

Just take a look at this gorgeous yellow butterfly in slow motion. WOW! I
wish I had a slow motion video camera. Can you imagine what amazing videos you could create!

Lastly here is my little girls favourite frog garden stepping stone for just £1!
We grew some frogs from tadpoles a few years ago.

Here is one of our frogs on his apple boat!

Well my daughters Daddy is asking where is my dinner! I really hope
that one day I can earn more than him and tell him to cook it himself, te he.
Who knows I may end up being a professional blogger.
Wish me luck with the 3ds Max animation course any support would be greatly appreciated.

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