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Sunday, 10 June 2012

3ds Max animation tutorial 1 - Introduction

I found this 1st 3ds Max game animation tutorial on You Tube. I will study this well on Tuesday when my little one goes back to school.

Mummy take a big breath and say "I can do this stupid 3ds Max gaming course!" I hate on line games and Xbox with a passion, so why the hell am I going to try and do this 3ds Max animation course for on line gaming? Because I am a desperate struggling mother with a partner that has a serious addiction to on line games and this Mummy is sick of worrying about money and bills and living in a house that makes my little girls and my asthma bad. He is working extremely hard, but is self employed so it is important I have a proper income. And I understand the stresses he has been through with low paid salaries and that playing Xbox and games helps him escape from the real world. This home tutorial course for 3ds Max is costing over £5,000 that is £135 a month. That is a of a lot of money to throw down the drain. I knew deep down he would never finish this 3ds Max course. Men that play these silly games are high maintenance, but I guess if it was not games it would be Golf, Football, Rugby Snooker etc. At least he does not drink and smoke! And I have to say I am proud of him for all the hours he puts in at work and home as there is a lot of paper work so he does need to kick back and relax. So if playing silly Xbox is his thing then who am I to stop him.


My first ever animation was for a story I created called Colour me a fairies wish. This story is a short version of my book Butterfly Lullaby where the fairies wings change colour. But of course the stories are very different. It is not the best animation in the world, but considering all I had to work with was Photoshop and a slide show it is not bad for a first effort. And having a famous man from children's TV reading my story was the icing on the cake.


My little girl is brilliant at creating characters. Here is Moron the Welsh Carrot. I used Crazy Talk
for this animation. Would be interesting to see if I can create him using 3ds Max. I may hate on line games
but I would love to learn to animate properly! Just imagine the stories you could tell.

I created these plastic characters from my little girls character drawings.
Would be fab to create a game Trash Pack v Fresh Pack Vegetables and Fruit.

Any struggling mothers wanting to work from home and finding it difficult get in touch. Putting up and shutting up is not going to help our children's future!

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