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Sunday, 10 June 2012

3ds Max human character head modelling from photo

I wonder how long it will take me to be able to create a human character head from two photographs. This 3ds Max tutorial on modelling a human head from photographic images is pretty amazing and well saving on my blog for future reference. Boy I know I am going to seriously struggle with this 3ds Max animation course, and it will cause many family arguments with the other half as I will be demanding his help and support which will annoy the heck out of him when he is busy playing his silly on line Xbox games. But I have to tell myself that I can do it and teach my little girl everything I pick up so she can leave school and maybe work for Disney or me, ha ha. A girl can dream right!

My partners is so going to wish he finished this 3ds Max course himself as I will be making his life rather difficult with demanding original music which he can create. This is going to be a real laugh.

Here is a song my partner created which would be just amazing for the Twilight Vampire Films. If you are creating games etc what music do you use?

I adore the Trash Pack music he created for us to show off the Fresh Pack characters my little girl created. Because I just simply adore her drawings I had to recreate them using plastic. What do you think? I wonder if one day I will be able to animate them. Would prefer to work with 2d as 3d is way too technical for my memory. But seeing as he is paying for the course monthly I have no choice. It is do the course myself or flush £5,000 down the toilet. £135 a month for a course is a lot of money so I will have to take this really seriously and try my best.

Hmm I wonder if I will ever manage to animate my story Butterfly Lullaby. Now that would be exciting!
I think I will close my eyes and dream for a while and imagine this scene animated where Feathers
the Wishing Well Fairy throws a penny in the Wishing Well and chants "wishing well, wishing well, take me their, take me to places without any care."

Would just like to say a huge thank you to England and Wales for their lack of support
with the Butterfly Lullaby project and not helping Mothers like me earn a living from home. 
Who knows one day we may get out of this hell  hole and find a Country that appreciates 
and promotes us as a family! Weymouth, Swansea and Cardiff, I am really sorry
I ever promoted you! But I will be the one laughing as I never give up or forget!

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