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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Buy Google Android Glasses

Where can you buy Google glasses? Android Google glasses look and sound amazing. All those photographs of butterflies I missed because it took too long to get hold of my camera/camcorder and shoot the shot. Imagine just wearing these glasses and capturing things on camera there and then. What an amazing gadget. Great for future news presenters too!

Last year we made a Google pair of glasses for my little girls Google song.

By the time the Google glasses hit the stores, hopefully links will be added to my blog so you can buy from whoever is selling them.

Now for a little bit of Google Entertainment with my little girls OOAK Google Glasses singing her very own made up on the spot Google song:

Please feel free to comment if you know where to buy Google Glasses. No doubt my little girl will want a pair of these glasses when she is older so Mummy will have to hope and pray her blogs are paying off. But for now the hand made glasses will have to do. Here is a link for a little bit of information on the new Android Glasses created by Google:

New Google Android Glasses

As for me, well I would love to borrow a pair of Google Glasses to inspect my roof and photograph and video all the bathroom sealant ex owners used on the roof tiles to hide the fact the roof needed replacing. Something you would think the mortgage company would have picked up on? Especially no felt under the roof tiles when Insurers refuse to pay out because of it! So next time you think about buying a property make sure you have your Google Glasses and do all the checks to save you getting ripped off!

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