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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Can your child sing Little Voice Talent

I wrote to Tom Jones and asked if there would be a child's version of the Voice Talent show. Just Googled Can your child sing and found this link, sadly I am out of date for my little girl. She wants to be a singer like her Dad. Is your child musically talented?


Thought it would be fun if we did our own little competition. Little Snowflake could be one of the judges. If you fancy sending your child's video link to me I will add it to my new blog. Contact me through Google+ only just moved over from Facebook. Sharon J. Bainbridge:

Little Snowflake has always loved to sing. Here are a few of her made up songs and songs from the charts.

She sang Heal the World recently at school and I had all the parents coming up to me and praising my little girl. Some mothers cried and said her voice gave them chills.

She will be singing at the Grand Theatre soon. Here she is practising in the garden on the swing. It is one of Queen's songs "Save me."

This song Little Snowflake made up on the spot. A Google song.

This song is a song she made up with Daddy. She even wrote some of the lyrics.

Little Snowflake is always making songs up on the spot, if you don't record them they are lost forever. Here is one she did based on being stuck in her room as she cannot go and see Madison race in the Paralympics. Took her swimming this weekend with her friend so she does get out, ha ha. She loves her room as I have changed it around so it is bigger and she has made it into a Daughter and Mummy art gallery. I was only up stairs with her this weekend drawing Monster High drawings with her and she was sticking them to her wall. I said lets draw outside and she replied, no the flies get on my nerves and I prefer my desk in my bedroom.

When I took Little Snowflake shopping for Hama beads when she was off on school holidays we had to get a bus and it was poring it down. We had to wait for ages for the bus to pick us up and that inspired her to sing this bus song. I think it is really catching, just need her to write some lyrics. Even though she prefers to just make it all up on the spot.

I will have to get Little Snowflake to do a You Tube video for a singing competition for children. The winner could record their own song or one that someone else has written?Daddy is quite capable of creating original music and recording it for I Tunes. Just imagine your child being on I Tunes! So let me know what you think.  Don't forget to contact me through You Tube http://www.youtube.com/user/ButterflyLullabyLtd or Google+.

Would be great if we could get a Little Snowflake band together, what do you think?

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