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Friday, 22 June 2012

Children's art gallery Little Snowflake

Here is Little Snowflakes art gallery. Sadly not all her drawings and paintings are in this small room. So I will have to show you other art videos:

This video shows some of Little Snowflakes artwork and her beautiful singing voice. The recording is from her school when she sang for the first time, Heal the World. This song is close to our heart!

This is one of Little Snowflakes Flower Alien designs. Seriously I think my little girl has a brilliant artistic ability to create amazing original characters.

Little Snowflake's art tutorial on how to draw her original flower alien design using the Nintendo DSI.This has had over 30+ thousand views. Maybe she should do more Nintendo art tutorials.

Only Little Snowflake could come up with the Bubble head balloons. What an imagination!
She stuck two balloons together and drew faces on them! Great party idea.

Little Snowflake loves the Mr Men characters and created two of her own. Little Miss Tea Party and a Coffee one for Mummy's.

You Tube video of Little Snowflake showing you how to draw Mr Men characters and showing you Little Miss Tea Party.

When I was trying to learn some Welsh words my little girl helped me by drawing the vegetable and fruit pirates. These characters are just out of this world. I love and adore them so much I had to make them into little plastic sculptures.

She created these characters for a Trash Pack competition. I think they are totally amazing. I mean just look at the bath with it's eyes. And sofa etc. What an imagination she has.

Here is an original song Little Snowflake recorded with Daddy. We wrote the words together and Daddy created all the music and put the melody together. She won a prize with the school for this project Don't Drink and Drive.

Here is Little Snowflake a few years ago singing her Little Snowflake song in the snow. So cute!

Little Snowflake made some of the most amazing snowflakes. Here she is cutting a small one out. I adore the tortoise snowflake she made that one should really be in an art gallery.

Here Little Snowflake shows you how to draw the Cheese Pirate.

Google song, this song Little Snowflake made up on the spot. No lyrics. Total genius.

This is a Bread Pirate she made up. What fab eyelashes.

An original song created by Little Snowflake and Daddy.

This video shows you how to paint your welly boots. What an amazing bumblebee she created.

There are many other videos on You Tube, but this one is one of my favourites as it is the first ever video she did and she is just so cute. Daddy had taken her to the circus and she came home and just created this clown mask using her own little imagination. I love her humour and the way she says "You gotta cut, cut, cut."

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