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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Child's humour about fathers game addiction


This made me really giggle. My daughters friend came over for tea yesterday and they were writing their secret Monster High code, which my little girl had created, when Daddy flopped himself on the sofa next to them and started playing his silly little hand held online game.

Little Snowflakes friend started laughing and could not stop giggling. I was laughing too. But what she came out with really made him look silly:

Little Snowflakes Father said: "What are you laughing at?"
I replied "The way you just sat down on the sofa while the kids are trying to play."
Little Snowflakes friend told him "My brother plays that silly game and so does my Dad, GROW UP!"

If only adults would listen to children ah. Well the good news is he is doing his music again more than game playing, as far as I know. Last night we had a music night where Daddy and Daughter sang and created a song while Mummy watched. It was total heaven and these are the memories I want to look back on.

Here is my little girl trying to sing but she cannot stop laughing. The song she ends up singing is very game orientated "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS BY QUEEN." No time for losers because Daddy is a champion of online games! Yes we should have changed the lyrics for fathers day. Daddy we are proud that you are working so hard and thank you! Honestly never seen you work so hard in my life.

I am still looking into the Train2Game course my partner started 9 months ago and now cannot finish. He needs time to kick back and play his online game which relaxes him and takes him to a world where he can win. But lately he has been doing his music too. Believe me I am going to find learning about how the Games Industry work and run really dull and boring. But the animation side fascinates me. I would love to create animated films and seeing as we are tied into this games course I cannot see £5,000 thrown down the drain when we could have used this for replacing the roof. But there is no way I am playing one of those silly games unless I have created it myself and have to try it out.

My addiction is trying to get a better life for our little girl by blogging and hopefully being able to earn a living from home to support our child and give her a better life. I dream of the day when I can say come on sweetie pack your bag we are off to Venice or New Zealand and show her the world I used to know when I worked full time and had no commitments. But saying that she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and being a Mum has taught me that other people really matter. She makes my heart whole when it was broken, I am truly blessed.


Is your father or husband/partner addicted to online or video games? Are your children addicted to video and online games? If so how does it affect your family life? Add me on Google Plus. Family is important don't throw it away. My partner is now doing music again thank goodness as his online and video game addiction seriously does my head in. I bet you know this reply when you ask for help "I can't help you at the moment because I am playing online." In other words the game is more important and they have to win!

Here is my Google Plus Link, Sharon J. Bainbridge:

For all struggling Mothers and Fathers in the world I want you to believe in yourself and journey with me for a better life for our children. As a team we can make miracles happen and I have ideas for a better future.

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