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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Did John Toshack cheat on his wife?

John Toshack's wife has finally ended their marriage after 43 years for unreasonable behaviour. I do not want to jump to conclusions but that sounds as if he cheated, question is did he? If this is her polite way of saying I have had enough of you cheating and want nothing more to do with you as you broke your promise and destroyed our family values, I can honestly say well done Mrs Toshack for standing your ground and believing you are worth more respect and honour than this man has given you over the years. It is time for Mothers to stand up and tell their partners/husbands that they deserve nothing but respect for being the birth mother of their child/children. Sadly where is this respect in the UK? And what hope do our little girls have of ever growing up and meeting a decent man that will not cheat on them or do things behind their back on the Internet with dating sites etc. Yes our world has made it extremely easy for men to cheat on women and for our poor children to have broken families. I do not follow football as I believe family values are more important than sports and that is one game I intend on winning.

Come on ladies get a backbone and help me fight back and bring respect and honour back for women so our little girls can have a happy life. Things are going to get worse if you just keep sweeping this problem under the carpet and when your little girl grows up and you see her crying left with children to bring up on her own how will you feel? Will you feel like you did all you could to make sure your little girl got respect or will you remember just ignoring the fact that things needed to change? There are things that need seriously changing in the UK to force respect for women and children and I intend on fighting verbally to get it. Do you love your little girl enough to fight verbally for her? Get in contact with me Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+


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