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Monday, 11 June 2012

Dolls hair bobbles Monster High

Here is Draculaura talking about my little handmade hair bobbles:

When I was taking photographs of Draculaura modelling my handmade hair bobbles our real butterfly came back. See him in the picture below! Sadly he can no longer fly.

How would you like to learn to make dolls hair bobbles for your Monster High dolls, Bratz dolls and Barbie dolls? The butterfly Lullaby way? If I get enough interest I will upload a video on how to make dolls hair bobbles. When my friends visited us from London, Michelle gave my little girl another Monster High doll. And being a girl she wanted to put her dolls hair up in a ponytail, but Mummy forgot to bring hair bobbles with her. Anyway children's hair bobbles are too big for dolls hair they need thinner elastic.

So here is the finished video on how to make Monster High Dolls hair bobbles. You can use these bobbles for Barbie, Bratz dolls etc.

Judith said to me "Sharon I have a business idea for you, why don't you make dolls hair bobbles." I thought yes that would be a great idea but not something I could do from Ebay as the fees would eat all the profit for something so small. I had thought about dolls hair bobbles before. So how can I do this? Well the only way is Google so that is why I created the video and just pray for lots of video views. Here is a video of my little girl setting free our home grown butterflies. The same butterfly that visited this us this morning. Hm I will have to make a butterfly dolls hair bobble and others.

I think Draculaura wants to be a butterfly and not a vampire, what do you think?

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And here is the video on how to make Monster High Hair bobbles!

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