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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Google is my only hope!

Google is my only hope of a better future for my little girl. If I can blog and create enough videos on You Tube to get paid a monthly salary so I can be at home for my child, which every mother has the right to, then I can go to my bank and say look I am earning a proper salary now and that 14% rip off loan you gave me to replace my roof and pay off credit card debt from my partner being out of work must be lowered to the going rate of 6.1%. And by the way it is not very nice to take advantage of the less well off who are trying to put food on the table for their child/children.

You Tube and Google Blog / Google+ gives people like me a voice that they would usually never have. A chance to get your point across to change the world that needs compassion for all our children. To put a stop to racism and sexism. And give all our children hope for a better future.

My little girl sang Heal the World in front of the whole school recently. Now she has been asked to sing in the school choir and is singing at the Grand Theatre in Swansea this month. How proud am I. So many Mothers and Fathers congratulated me on my daughters singing voice. And to hear that mothers cried when she sang is just music to my ears. Where else would I be able to share this video with the world other than Google? Where else would she get to show off her art work other than Google and You Tube?
Seriously thank you Google for giving the underdog a chance to shine.

I believe that sweeping problems under the carpet is not protecting our children's future. We have to stand up and fight back verbally for their sake. My daughters happiness is really important to me and I hope that you feel the same about your child and will team up with me on Google+ to change the way women and struggling Mothers are treated in the UK and worldwide. Here is my little girl crying her eyes out as people in power that could help Mummy earn a living from home refuse to do so. Why? Because Mummy fights for school fields and the rights for children to have a childhood. Because Mummy stands up and says how dare you degrade a school cook and compare her salary to that of a Gravedigger when she has been forced to study for many years. Jamie Oliver is a chief and so is she! Some rich people are mean, greedy and controlling. Mummy demands respect from men and for men to put our children first by not cheating and breaking up our true old fashioned family values. Children deserve to have both parents a real Mother and Father. Sadly dating sites and things that are not child friendly destroy families so therefore they should be paid for subscription only and moved far away from Mothers and Children to protect the things that really matter in our world, our kids. It is time for the little person to rise above this and to help one another in the battle for happiness and equality. A team of people with compassion and love for others is more powerful than money!

The video below is of my little girl trying to sing "We are the champions!" Her laughter gives me a warm glow. And when she tells me "Mummy I love you" and then says "No Mummy I truly do mean it,
I really do love you." That is when I know that through all our struggles by putting her before
my own needs I have made her into the talented happy little girl she is today. Being a stay at home Mum
has been very difficult, but with Googles help and support that will one day be a thing of the past!
We love you Google!

Come on all you Mothers and Fathers that believe that your child
deserves a better future and get in contact with me Sharon J. Bainbridge
and lets bring shine some light and get rid of the black cloud!
Little girls deserve to grow up and meet men that respect them as human beings,
so fight verbally so they are! Make them proud!

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