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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Google vs Facebook

Approximately four years ago my friend got me to join up to Facebook. I only joined because I wanted to network with other Mothers to try and earn a living from home using the Internet. Four years later it is very apparent that Facebook is just a social site and not one for business or helping others get a better life. And boy has Facebook got me in serious trouble a few times as I am the sort of person that does not sweep things under the carpet and believes if life is treating you badly then you have to damn well fight back and force change by speaking out. My Facebook account also got hacked recently so I feel safer with Google as I now get a special verification code to put in every time I go to Google+, Google Blog or You Tube. My little girl adores Google. She was so excited when we searched for Little Snowflake in the Google search engines and her art work came up at the very top of the search. Google really promote originality and that keeps our dreams alive. Here is Little Snowflake talking about her original drawings, which she points out on the computer after doing a Google Search for her name.

My partner said to me "You are addicted to your Google Blog," I replied yes I am as this is the only thing that offers me a chance of earning a living from home, so I can try to contribute to giving our little girl a better life. Little Snowflake wants Mummy at home and I feel it is important I am there for her and therefore need to do something to make sure us Mothers can support our children by using the Internet. Paying the bills is more important than cleaning the house as with no money you will have no house!

Here is my little girls made up song about Google. Daddy is playing the keyboard in the background. Considering she made up this song on the spot I think she is a total artistic genius.

I adore the fact that you can join the You Tube Partnership and earn money from your videos. Rome was not built in a day so it is something you need to work at and be original. Google+ I am sure is the one network which will get this Mummy off to a flying start then other Mothers will follow.

Well I have just spoken to Train to Game and found out the qualification for this games course will give you a City and Guilds qualification or you can try for the Tiger Diploma.
I really hope that I can blog about doing this course every day and look back with pride. It will be so nice not to have to worry about paying the bills and instead booking a flight to show my little girl the world. The world I used to know when I worked full time.

If you want a better life for your children why not team up and add me as a friend:

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