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Saturday, 16 June 2012

How to get more You Tube views with Ebay

Ok I am going to let you into a little secrete. The best way to get lots of You Tube views is to list something to Ebay and then add one of your You Tube videos. I had over a thousand views when I added this video in one week, when I was selling my handmade Monster High Dolls masks and wings. Problem is I used my partners original music at the beginning of the video. Don't do this if you are a part of the You Tube Partnership programme as you have to prove the music is your own, which is sort of impossible as far as I know. I doubt You Tube have time to check everyone's evidence that they have created the original music. So stay clear of recorded songs! I have even heard of bands singing live original songs and not having adds put on. Please leave comments below and tell me your You Tube Partnership experience.  

My parter is singing his original song here. He created the music himself and is singing live. The You Tube Partnership adverts are on this video. I need to do some serious research into what is accepted and not. 

This video of my little girl got accepted in the You Tube Partnership. She created part of song with Daddy upstairs and recorded it. Then she sang it live downstairs in the front room with just the track in the background. I have read that some videos are not getting accepted with background music. So probably best to stay clear of that sort of stuff if you are trying to make money from your You Tube videos. I am not adding any music to my videos any more.


Note. Make sure you use the old video code. Here are my full instructions. And here is
to a better life for everyone, not just the rich!

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