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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Buy Mandeville pen

I bet once your children see the Mandeville Pen they will want you to buy it. My little girl kindly gave her DSI away to her friend so for her kindness I brought her the Mandeville Mascot toy which she really wanted. And when I was in the shop I saw the amazing Mandeville Pen with all it's 8 colours and the cute little Mandeville mascot on top. I loved pop up pens when I was a kid because like Little Snowflake I used to draw and draw and draw. Here is Little Snowflake showing you this pen and it's eight colours.

Little Snowflake told me yesterday that Mandaville is the mascot for the London Paralympics 2012. What did you think of her Paralympics flag sign? I thought it was total genius with the red cross, blue head, wheels, and flag. Looks like Madison's race. Good luck Madi we are routing for you here in Wales, UK.

So where can you buy these Mandaville pens from. Well I got our pen from Toys R us and it cost approx £4.95. I wish I could say well you just click on the advert on my blog and it will take you to the shop which stocks these Mandaville pens. You only have to search Google to find who stocks these pens, which is really amazing.

The Paralympics is close to our heart as we found Madison on Google when we searched for our family history. I was looking for my Great Grandad and there he was with his wife (Great Nan) on Madison's family tree. You can imagine after years of my Nan being an orphan and not knowing the true story of what happened to her Mother how thrilled I was. I just hope that when the Paralympics is over Madison will have time to email me and tell me what she knows about our family.

I designed and made the above Madison sports outfit for the Monster High doll. Madison somewhat rhymes with Mandeville. Below is a picture of my Great Grandad Robert Hartland Stanley Myles (Miles.) With his brother. There is a huge family mystery concerning my Nan's childhood which I really want to uncover!

What really happened to Nan's Mother? Winifred Josephine Myles (Miles)

Here is a little video I put together. If you can shine some light on our family history please get in contact with me on Google+. 

Contact me, Sharon J. Bainbridge through Google+

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