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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Little girl sings Call me maybe school song

My little girl sang this song Call me Maybe at school with the whole assembly. They changed the words to "I can see my Mummy." Ah. We need a child's chart with songs that are totally child friendly. Although I like this song, some of the words need to be changed for kids.

Are you a mother who wants more for your little girl. Do you want her to grow up and be respected as a human being? If so get in touch. A team of mothers is all we need to fight verbally for our little girls future. Ask yourself what sort of world we live in when a 12 rated film has swearing and things that are not child friendly in it. Also ask yourself why on earth are children meant to do their homework on the Internet when it is not family or child friendly? Every child deserves a chance to shine so we need a safe place which puts old fashioned family values first!

Get in touch and make your child proud that Mummy cares about their future. Fathers need to think strongly about how they want their little girl to grow up and be respected by men. If you are not a father that respects and honours your wife/partner how can you expect a man to ever respect your little girl when she grows up and starts dating? You can make a difference in your child's life if you only speak out and force change.


Speaking out takes courage! This is the women I wish run our world as she has true compassion for all people. Recessions would not exist if we had someone like this in power.

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