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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Make Monster High Sofa chair

Here is my step by step video tutorial on how to make this gorgeous little Monster High Sofa Chair. The dolls sofa chair is my own design. The bigger version is of a 5 seater sofa, both shaped as a fish.

I will upload the sofa chair template for you to print off from this blog shortly. Then all you have to do is grab an old cereal packet, cut up an old velvet dress, fetch some empty toilet rolls from the recycling and use fabric glue to put together. Easy peasy.

Here is a video of some of the things I made out of cardboard for my little girl who is a huge Monster High Fan. This is a little Monster High Lounge or as we call it in the UK a front room. Quite funny really as Mum's front room is at the back of the house:

The purple Monster High Sofa I created with Lagoona Blue in mind.
The sofa is shaped as a fish. I may have to add a fish eye and decorate.

Fun arts and crafts the Butterfly Lullaby way!

Don't forget to check out the Monster High Competition on my other Butterfly Lullaby blog:


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