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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mediums are they real?

Have you been to see a Medium or a fortune teller. What is your story, leave a comment below and tell me what the medium or fortune teller told you.  Most importantly did you go without giving any of your details and block your number so they could not trace where you were from?

When I was younger I used to pay to see fortune tellers all the time, it was an obsession and boy did I get ripped off. One charged me £70 and lets face it a lot of them tell you stuff that could relate to everyone. My friend kept records of over a 130 fortune tellers she went to see and not one of the stories they told matched up to her life. So you could say from experience my mind is pretty closed to all this, but after speaking to my other friend I am starting to question if there are any real mediums out there? What she told me was impossible for anyone to guess so I feel the urge to check it out.


After years of thinking that fortune tellers and mediums are all a load of con artists I am now starting to re think. Just recently one of the Mothers at my little girls school told me about the ghost trips she went on and about seeing a medium that told her something even she did not know. Now for me that is impressive. Imagine being told that your father has a tattoo of a ship on his arm. For one thing he never shows anyone this tattoo and always keeps it covered up as he is ashamed of it. And she always thought it was some sort of tattoo of a women and that was why he always wore long shirts. She also mentioned that the medium told her all the correct names of all family members that had passed. Remember that she did not book this medium, her friend did and it was from a mobile. No names were given. The things this medium told my friend has made me believe there are some people in our world with a gift of sight. And this women does not rip people off and charge a fortune. £30 an hour for a good medium is value for money. Everyone has to live so you cannot begrudge her from earning from what she was given. If this women tells me some amazing things that I have not told anyone then I will believe.


My sister is very ill. Lets just say sadly there have been some bad selfish men in her life and now she is broken. Sadly she has dabbled with things like the Ouija Board, and I would tell anyone to stay clear of this sort of stuff. It may seem like fun but I would not be surprised at all if this is not half the reason my sister is so ill, that and bad men. Anyway getting back to this fortune teller, she told my sister that a murderer is haunting her and that is why she feels under attack all the time. The curtains in her bedroom are purple and she told her these are the devils colours and you must change them. Well best get rid of Monster High stuff then, ha ha. She then went on to charge her £40 for her service. Well I do not know about you but I feel she has been seriously ripped off and left thinking something bad is going to happen to her. Even if you did have second sight and knew that she was ill and being haunted by some evil ghost murdered, would you seriously tell someone that? It is like telling someone with a serious illness that they are going to die. You may as well just throw the towel in. Thankfully I convinced my sister that this women was a con and made her laugh and try and think positive. The bottom line is she spends too much time on her own in her room. My Mum is very ill and sadly there is no hope there I feel. But for my sister I really believe if I can get her feeling positive and she spends more time with friends laughing and having fun she will get better. I feel for her as since being ill even some of my friends have turned their back on her and refuse to see her. When I visit I like to spend time with my sister and my friends together, how sad that people have such a closed mind and heart as my sister is a lovely kind person and cannot help being ill. I feel  so blessed that I take after strong willed Nan and not my poor Mother.

I wonder if it is worth me going to see this medium and finding out if she can give me any information about my Nan's Mother who is said to have taken her own life. I believe there is more to this story that meets the eye. And the big question is was Nan related to the LeFevres that owned the Drapers in Canterbury? Were they ashamed of her colour like Grandmother LeFevre and is that why they were put in an orphanage? I will get my friend to book this and give no names and see what happens. So stay tuned.

Tell me your stories about visiting a medium or fortune tellers and lets see if we can get to the truth. Is it real or not?

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