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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Monster High Animate your dolls

Did you know you can animate your Monster High dolls using Crazy Talk. It is a simple and easy animation programme that allows you to put your voice to your dolls character. Here is my little girl, Little Snowflake singing Bats flying High. It is based around a famous song, we just changed the lyrics to fit in with Draculaura.

I started making and selling my Monster High dolls costumes on Ebay. There is a market for it as I have sold the cobweb hats, bat wings and bat mask on Ebay with no problems. And other costumes for the other Monster High dolls. But to be honest this would suit someone who has time on their hands. I could do with an arty Mummy locally who could make them up from my patterns and just split the profit. Or maybe I should sell the templates? I adore these Monster High Dolls and if I could animate them using 3ds Max that would be brilliant as I wrote a script for Draculaura based on my Butterfly Lullaby fairy story.

Maybe I should create a tutorial on how to animate your Monster High Dolls? Leave me a comment!

I will leave you with some photographs of Draculaura dressed as the Butterfly Princess in my story, at night she changes into the Vampire Bat and drains her Mother of all her energy.

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