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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Monster High Fan Little Snowflake artist

My little girl is a huge Monster High fan. Draculaura was her very first doll she got. Here is Little Snowflake my child artist drawing Draculaura in PJ's. We are pretty much a PJ family as comfort is more important than looking good.

If you go to my Butterfly Lullaby Ltd You Tube videos you will see lots of Little Snowflakes drawings and she even has an amazing voice. She is singing next week at the Grand Theatre, how proud are we! You can hear her singing in the video below I recorded her when she sang live at school for the first time. The headmaster was overwhelmed and begged her to join the school choir and mentioned that he had only ever met anyone with a voice like my little girls 20 years ago. You can imagine I had tears of joy dripping down my cheek. And all the mothers said how amazing she sang. Proud of you sweetie! I also adore her artwork as well, she is such a talented little girl I do hope one day someone will sponsor her. Her bedroom is like an art gallery. She insists on having all my paintings in her bedroom bless her.

I am on Google+ so feel free to add me as a friend. Especially looking for struggling Mothers to try and find a way to earn from home with no catches. At the moment I am trying to blog my way out of this dark hole. Being artistic we always try and look on the bright side and realise there are people worse off. But what a fab world we would have if everyone could wake up in the morning and not worry about bills or health problems. Anything is possible as a team! 

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