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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Music for games 3ds Max animation

Ok every game programmer needs music to create an animation for games or film. The question is are you going to go for the free stuff that everyone is using or will you stand out from the crowd and be unique? Why not partner with my other half and do something together, no cost, a total team effort to create something that will stand out in your animation portfolio!

Here is one of my partners original songs called Out of the Darkness which would be ideal for Twilight! Or even a game.

My partner started a train2game course approximately 9 months ago. Sadly his addiction to Xbox game playing has taken over his urge to finish this train2game course so I am looking into taking it over and doing it myself. The course looks scary as it needs maths and is extremely technical. However the good thing is my partner is creating music again and this is something he needs to continue with, a total bonus if I ever manage to do this games course myself. Maybe we can help each other as a team effort, my partner with his knowledge of creating great music and you with your technical game programming skills. What do you think? He is working very hard at the moment and long hours so I do understand that he needs to kick back and relax by escaping from the real hum drum world with his Xbox which takes him to another place. But maybe this is what he needs a little joint adventure that will showcase not only his musical ability but your animation skills too.

The music in the video below he created from scratch as he does with all his music. The little characters are based on our little girls designs. I asked her to draw some vegetable characters for me to learn Welsh and was amazed at her ability to come up with totally unique drawings that just make you want to smile. I turned them into plastic characters that can stand up.

My partner entered Britain's Got Talent. But did not get through because
they let so many bad acts on the show for a laugh! So many people tell him
he has an amazing voice, which he does. He even gets accused of not singing because he has such
outstanding vocal ability. Should he enter the voice? Who knows?
I personally think he should just create music for games as that is where the market is.
A bad act does not get on radio twice. He has had two radio interviews with his
original music. I am proud of him and feel the UK should support him.

It would be amazing if I could animate this story Colour me a fairies wish.
I have a famous man from Children's TV reading this story for me.
We were going to work together, but he has had to move to the USA.

Did you know that Moron is Welsh for carrot:

Anyway for anyone looking for original and amazing music for games or films get in touch.
My partner is the man when it comes to creating original music and songs
for your unique animated game or film!

Get in contact with me on Google Plus:

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