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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Personalised fairy portraits

Should I continue with creating personalised fairy portraits by email? The fortune teller told me I should. I know what your thinking, te he. The above photo is one I created for Maggie from the Enchanted Manor you may have seen her and Ric on TV a few times. Problem I have is that my partner gave up his Games Animation course and now I feel rather than flushing £5,000 down the drain I have no choice but to take it on. And boy how I hate silly games. But animation is something I would love to do. Here is one of my animation attempts when a wonderful man from children's TV recorded my story Colour me a fairies wish. We were going to do personalised stories together and this one could have been used for other children.

I created this personalised fairy portrait by email for Maggie last week. As can see she sent through the original image without shrinking it down in size, which is so important re quality. And I cut her out and placed her in a different scene with fairy wings. Maggie wanted pastel colours for her fairy image. If you love fairies you may know that Maggie has a lot of original paintings by fairy artist Josephine Wall. Her Enchanted Manor is more like the Enchanted fairy gallery as everywhere you look there is a painting or mural created by Josephine. All the bedrooms have Josephine's work.

I met Maggie and Ric from watching Under the Hammer, I contacted her and we have been great friends ever since.

Lets take a look at Josephine Wall working on her mural at the Enchanted Manor.

Back in 2009 my partner sang our Original Butterfly Lullaby song and the Butterfly Princess danced. The crowd cheered, but sadly that video footage is lost forever by the Internet Gremlins. But sometimes things are meant to be as it has taken me on a much more important path and that is one for Struggling Mothers and Children. Lets hope one day I can make them all smile.

In the You Tube video below you will see some photographs of the Kirks Folly fairy tea party. Fairy Artist Josephine Wall talking in the dinning area and my partner singing Butterfly Kisses.

Well my head is spinning as if the fairies have spun me around the lounge. What do you think I should do? Continue to my fairy photography or put it on hold and just concentrate on the animation course? Here is some of my personalised (custom) fairy photography and fantasy portraits.

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