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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Swansea Fortune Tellers

Today I went to see what most people would call a fortune teller. Have you ever been to see a fortune teller, medium or have your tarot cards read, share your story? Do you believe in angels? Leave me a comment below. I will get to why I went later on. To be honest I have been a non believer for over 11-12 years, but something one of my friends told me about her father, which she did not even know until she asked her mother made me think I need to check this out. She was given names of family and so much information that left her coming away thinking oh my gosh how did this person know that about me when I have not spoken to any one about this and no information was given. I was set on seeing this medium in Cardiff to give me some answers about my Great Nan who is said to have taken her own life. But something has steered me in a different direction and I ended up going to see a lady who is known as one of the Three Witches of Chriswick. I know the Witch word sounds scary, but I was impressed with the tarot reading and so was my friend. Her shop is in Brynhyfryd, Swansea area. And I am so glad I went as it was a wake up call! Read our experience of fortune telling and you can make up your own mind whether you want to give it a go.


When my friend told me that she went to see the Three Witches of Chriswick a few years ago the lady told her a lot of things that no one would know and how she highly recommended her, I thought what the heck lets go for a laugh. But the thing that made me really want to go was the fact that one of the sisters had told my friend that her house would burn down. Sadly her prediction was spot on. My friend lost everything, except thankfully her family. At the time she thought, yeah, yeah and did not take it seriously. So it just shows you if you are told your house is going to burn down, best get a good fire alarm just in case! Well get one anyway as it is better to be safe than sorry. She had a beautiful home and now lives in a small flat. Strange thing is Angie knew my friend did not have a bedroom and that she hopes to move into a house, fingers crossed this will be less than 5 weeks away. Her lucky number is 5 and Angie has told her this could be when she moves. The things she told my friend were 100% correct. We are trying to start a business together and she knew this as well as other things that just left us saying "wow this lady is good." When I was looking round the shop I saw a note from somebody that was a fan of Fairy Artist Josephine Wall. You know how you get that feeling this is meant to be. Well I had that feeling because my partner sang live at the Enchanted Manor in front of Josephine Wall and the American Kirks Folly. The Three Witches Shop is full of fairy stuff which is just up my street. We have had a lot of bad things thrown our way, but no matter what happens you can never give up, especially if you have children. It is important to teach them to fight verbally in life and believe in themselves.


I am so glad I went to see Angie today as I feel sometimes we concentrate on the dead too much instead of the living. Yes I want to find out what happened to my Great Nan as I feel their is a huge family mystery that needs solving so I can put my Nan's memory to rest. But it was not my Great Nan or Nan that came up in the cards but my dear Mother. And to be honest because things have not been great in my life for over 11 years, I tend not to call her as she has enough worry on her hands and I find it very difficult to hide my emotions. But Mum is getting older and I need to phone her and hopefully one day I will move back home so I can spend proper time with her. Angie picked up on the moving house, even though I do not want to move because I need to put my little girls happiness first as she has many friends here and loves her home, so we will have to watch this space. Angie told me my Mum felt a lot of pain in her leg. Now my Mother has had a hip operation. Straight after the operation she fell down the stairs and had to have the operation all over again. Now her good leg is bad and she refuses to get it fixed. She can hardly walk and is in lots of pain. Angie told me that there are a lot of tears around my Mother, which sadly there are. She has been ill from the age of 17 years old and has led a very sad life. Your Mum can be very difficult she told me, which she can as the illness makes her behave in a way that is not my Mother at all. You cannot get upset with her as life has made her ill and I just feel blessed that I take after my Nan and not my Mum when it comes to health issues and strong will. Who is the other lady living with your Mum she asked, that was my sister. Angie told me my sisters head hurts, which it does as she is suffering from a mental breakdown and is on some serious medication. (I called my sister and told her Angie said to have her eyes tested, she replied I am finding it difficult to read so need to get some glasses.) Spot on again with my sister being a loner. A lot of her friends where she lives have let her down. She has met a new friend recently who I hope will bring her much laughter and sunshine. My sister certainly is not well enough to work no matter what the people in power think, I know because I tried to look after her and sadly failed! I thought it was my Great Grandad that came through but after speaking to my sister it was my Grandad who died when I was five. Obviously worried about his daughter, my Mum. I only see my Mum, one a year to once every two years because of the financial mess we are in. I was not going to see her this year as the house is making my little girl and I bad with asthma and I seriously need to sort this out. He said you must go and give her a big hug. And I must also get her out of the house as she does not go anywhere. Mum is like a hermit and refuses to go out, even when I visited last year, Dad, Lou and I ended up going with my little girl to the castle without her. For me this reading is a wake up call to make sure I make the most of my Mother while she is still around. So I thank you Angie for the reading and I will definitely go and see her this year.  My Mum lives 7 hours away, if only I had not moved so far away. She asked why do I feel such a tightness around my chest and hard to breathe. My Grandfather died of a heart complaint. And when she asked did he smoke, yes he did. My little girl has had so many chest infections it is scary. She also suffers from a never ending asthma cough which is caused by our living conditions. I give £1 per book to Cystic Fibrosis from my Butterfly Lullaby book for Jodie and others like her with Cystic Fibrosis because I know what it is like to fight to breathe. The death card came up a lot which means the end to something. I would like to think this means the house will get fixed. Funny thing when I called my Mum, my Dad told me he was sorting out his will and wanted me to make sure everything goes smoothly. I told him I do not want anything Dad. I have a house, Louise has nothing because of her illness and quite honestly money cannot replace human life. That is why I refused to take my Nan's money when she offered it to me. I wanted her to know that I loved her for her and as she was an Orphan that was important she knew she was truly loved as a kind, loving person.

This is Angie from the Witches of Chriswick.

I have come away from this reading feeling like I am floating on bubbles. She has told me that I must continue with my gift and never give up. The gift is my story telling and fairy portraits. My partner signed up for a Games Animation course and is no longer doing it so I feel I should ditch the fairy photography and finish this course as otherwise it is £5,000 flushed down the drain. Animation interests me, but the whole gaming concept bores me to tears. Fairy and angel photography brings a smile to my face, but I guess at the end of the day I need to do what brings in the money to fix the house. The world card came up five times, which means good things are going to happen. And this card does not always show, so to have it come up five times is a miracle. I used to have a shop on my website but many bad things have been sent my way and stopped me trading. But the bad things have made me a better person and now it is not just about me earning a living so I can be at home for my daughter but trying to make sure all Mothers can earn a living from home using the Internet. And on the positive when one door closes another one opens. So here is to a better and brighter future for everyone. The world card to me is a sign that if you truly believe you can change things, you will! When I really needed a good friend this year a Mum from the school knocked on my door and asked me if I was ok? Now this lady is one of my best friends. She is a person that really cares about other people. So I hope her reading brings her as much luck as she has brought me. And my two lovely friends from London also visited me to make sure I was ok. So I am truly blessed with good hearted kind people that do truly care about me.

Listen to my little girl crying and asking why will no one help me? I tried so hard with my business to earn a living from home to be with my child. The things that stopped me trading were beyond my control because sadly our world does not put family values and children first. Well I have not given up yet and hope that I can find people that believe that change is possible and make a brighter, kinder future for all our children.

Here are some of my fairy and fantasy portraits I used to create for children. Angie thinks I should continue with this.

I nearly got to work with a famous man from Children's TV. He is here reading my story Colour me a fairies wish. This video is something I will treasure forever as when some people have tried to make me feel worthless he did not! So remember never listen to anyone when they try to put you down in life!

The photo below is one I created for Maggie from the Enchanted Manor. Before and after photo of a little girl turning into a beautiful fairy. Maggie has become a dear friend of mine, I first saw her on TV Under the Hammer and since they have been on approximately 3 more TV shows.

I wanted to share this video of my partner singing at the Enchanted Manor in front of fairy artist Josephine Wall. And tell him to believe in himself. And not to listen to doubters. He is truly gifted.

Here is the website for the Witches of Chriswick. For me the whole experience has left me feeling happy and now I am going to call my lovely Mum and tell her how much I love and miss her. P.S. Don't forget to leave me a comment if you have had your fortune told, it is good to share! And remember don't listen to people that put up brick walls. Change is possible and I hope I will prove this to you by changing our life and others.


Newspaper article on the three witches.

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