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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Train2Game Course 3ds Max games animation

The video above is of TV Gadget Show's Suzi Perry talking about the world of Train2Game distance learning courses, with interviews from Richard Wilson of TIGA, Tony Bickley from DR Studios and Professor Carsten Maple from the University of Bedfordshire. Train2Game's Art and Animation course.  This course was available from 2010. So question is has anyone completed this course before the 3 year time scale?

Below you will see an image of a bathroom my partner created using 3ds Max game animation (Train2game course.) He was told the games course would cost him £5,000 in total. I now have the contract which is £4,960 he paid £100 enrolment fee. Payments are £135 a month. My partners addiction to Xbox game playing has replaced the urge to learn this gaming animation course. I know he is working very hard at the moment and long hours so I understand him wanting to kick back, relax and escape our real world and just play Xbox.  Question is has anyone completed this course and got a job?

When my partner wanted to do a Games Animation Course over 9 months ago to fit around his day job, I told him to research properly and make sure it is legit. He told me that 3ds Max is the top gaming and animation programme. I am asking is it? Sadly life has taught me that there are a lot of sharks on the Internet so you have to be careful. Sadly my partner prefers to believe that if something is on the Internet then it is the real thing. There have been some nasty comments saying this course is a scam. So I decided to investigate.
If you go to my other blog you will see that I checked with Companies House and I am currently requesting information from Direct Gov. I hope this Train2game course is legit as it offers people like me a little ray of sunshine after being under a dark cloud for too long. Having no qualifications does not mean you are worthless. And I for one did better in life when I left school and made my way up to MD's Secretary through sheer hard work. When your a child all you want to do is play games, a bit like my other half who is still playing little Xbox games, ha ha.


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