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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Train2game is it a scam?

Train2game (Train to game) is it a scam? 3d Max animation course. It is so easy to jump to the wrong conclusion by reading bad feedback. But as a You Tube user that gets nasty comments on my videos just for the hell of it, I have to keep an open mind. I have to admit it is scary especially when you have a roof that needs replacing which affects your little girls asthma because of the bad damp. So believe me I will be investigating fully and making sure the qualification at the end of the games course actually gets you a job! My partner has paid 9 payments and wants me to take this course over. I have been told the course costs £5,000 in total, which you pay in monthly instalments. For me this money would have replaced our roof so I do not want to waste three years of my time on a course that is not going to give me a recognised qualification at the end of it for the games/animation industry.

I have checked with Companies House and their Company Registration number is legit! If you go to their website and scroll down to the bottom you will see their full postal address which is in London. Don't take my word for it I want you to phone Companies House yourself Tel: 03031234500. Double check the number on the Internet.

Train2Game is a trading name of Metropolitan International Schools Limited of 211 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HF (registered in England and Wales with number 2646404

Is the Train2game Diploma a qualification that is recognised by the Gaming Industry? I have emailed Direct Gov and requested this information. I would suggest you do the same.


Please do leave me a comment below. If you have taken this course and got a job with a Production Company could you please share your journey.  The thing I like about this course if it is real, is that you are not put in a box and made to feel worthless if you do not have any qualifications. So it gives everyone a chance to shine! Fingers and toes cross this Train2game course is all it says it is! And if it is then I would love to blog about the course and see if it gets us a better life and a career that will pay more than the bills.

I have to admit I hate Xbox and games. But animation is something I would love to do. How long has Wire Productions been trading?

Game Horizon, does anyone know anything about this company?

My partner saw this course advertised by a lady from the The Gadget TV show. So I really cannot see them advertising something that is not real.

Well that is all from me today and I hope to get some positive comments from people that have taken this course on and are happy, so please leave me some feedback. And remember it is so easy to jump to the wrong conclusions about things, we all do it. So it is important to try and have an open mind and investigate things before thinking the worst.

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