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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Are you an alien?

Are you an alien? When I say alien I mean do you think differently to other people? Have you got morals and family values? And do you believe in fighting for the rights for children?

I am shocked at the lack of help and support for struggling mothers and the fact that our world puts our children in danger because selfish adults want certain things on the Internet for their own entertainment. Seriously how can SKY put children's TV channels right near adult trash. The world has seriously gone mad and I must be an alien. Hmmmm what sort of alien shall I be? Flower alien sounds good to me! What type of Alien are you?

Well here is my little girl singing Heal the World with one of her Flower Alien drawings:

And here she is showing us how to draw a Flower Alien. In a good and kind world she would be able to shine in a safe child friendly environment well away from adult trash! And sing so all can see. When children cannot look back on videos of them singing at the Grand Theatre because of selfish adults you really have to question should our kids be in charge and not the adults as they behave so badly? And quite simply some have no morals or family values!

If you feel you are an alien and have the same morals and family values as me join this alien on Google+ Sharon J. Bainbridge

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