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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Big school pencil case and bag cartoon handmade OOAK

Mummy can you make me a big pencil case? Why are pencil cases so small? I had no option but to make her a big pencil case and she decorated it with her hand drawn cartoon drawings. She drew the characters on waterproof fabric I had brought to make an apron and used permanent markers for the characters. I think you will agree they are very sweet and look like they have been printed. The girl character is Little Snowflakes design.

I also made a school bag to match the pencil case which has another one of her drawings on. Now all the girls in class have some special bag, which are meant to be really hip, she wants one of these bags. Oh boy the pressure on parents these days is just so hard, especially with the costs of living and low wages. When I was at school I had what I was given and remember my Mum buying me bright red shoes like the Wizard of Oz and thinking heck the kids will make fun of me if I wear those to school so I used to walk down the road and put my plimsolls on when Mum was not looking. And then there were the thrilled trousers, skirts and jeans when Mum used to extend the length with a thrill. Yes I guess I am showing my age now, te he. What's your story?

Guess what Mummy has been talked into buying her new cartoon bag like her friends! I will be blogging forever trying to earn enough money for her and her Dad as he has just lost his glasses again, whilst Mummy still has holes in her shoes. Well at least when I was young I travelled the world and had lots of fun, so warning to any young girls wanting to have a family early, DON'T! Wait until you are older as believe me it is harder than you could ever imagine trying to pay the bills on low salaries in the UK. One good thing is that I really lived before having my little girl and going out and buying things for myself is not important any more and she is well worth it. Could I go through this stress when I was younger, NO WAY! So enjoy your life when your young and wait to have children when you are old enough to put them first!

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