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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

British Olympic Gravy Recipe

For the Olympics you need lots of vegetables so Mummy's British Gravy Recipe is a must.


Add gravy powder in a blender ( I use the original Bisto)
Then add 3 dessert spoons of steamed peas
And 3 dessert spoons of steamed carrots
1 roasted potato
1 roasted sweet potato
Add steamed vegetable water

My partner is not a vegetable fan so this is one way I get him to eat vegetables and the gravy just tastes so yummy. Little Snowflake, my little girl adores my gravy and always asks Mummy, can I have some more gravy please!

Here is Little Snowflakes Olympic Picture of Wenlock

And this is my Paralympic picture of Mandeville:

This Mummy has her very own Olympic Challenge and that is to see how many women I can get to join me to try and help change the UK. Bring back good old fashioned family values where all men and women take children and family seriously. Putting kids first! Britain has become quite a selfish Country putting money and adult happiness before our children and this needs to stop. Our children expect more from us. Of course there are good parents, but we need to wake up and see just how many fatherless children there are in the UK. Too many struggling mothers and it is not good. My Mother was one of them and thankfully she met my Step Dad who is a gem. There are good men in the UK too.

So women around the world join me and make some of Mummy's British Gravy and lets make our world a better one together as a team.

And lets give our children their home back. Gay rights should never take over family values! Now go and make some British Gravy and let me know how much your children love it!

P.S. I got the idea for the gravy from my Nan. She did not use Bisto Gravy but made it from scratch which you can do as well.

Contact Sharon J. Bainbridge and lets make life better for our children together!

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-J-Bainbridge  www.butterflylullaby.co.uk, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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