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Monday, 16 July 2012

Butterfly Lullaby lyrics Olympics

Before I give you the original Butterfly Lullaby lyrics. I want to mention that Mandeville and Wenlock are sitting on my Butterfly Lullaby fairy book because Weymouth is in my story. That is where they are holding the sailing for the Olympics 2012. So if you go to Weymouth and visit the Upwey Wishing Well give them my regards. And while you are there ask them why they do not have a copy of my fairy book?


Butterfly Lullaby sing me a song
In the night there you fly
Far from your home
Summer time has come and gone
Look what you've done
You can be my butterfly
I want to sing you a lullaby
Open up your wings and fly
Your my Butterfly 


Back in 2005 I really believed that the UK, was a team and that we were Team Great Britain. But living in Wales has shown me just how far away from the truth it really is. Don't believe me? Well read the article from an English player begging Wales not to boo the English team when they play in Cardiff! Aaron Ramsey urges Wales fans not to boo the English 15/07/12. Also see You Tube videos Wales boo English. There is a kind Welsh man that was ashamed of the other Welsh football fans for booing England. Thankfully this shows that it does not matter which Country you come from there are good and bad people all over the world and that is why we cannot say everyone is the same. Sports needs to do something about this racism as it is not only the Welsh but England can be just as bad when it comes to German people. Thanks to these racist our children suffer! I want them all punished and thrown out of football stadiums across the world for behaving badly!

Here is the King Butterfly Singing our Original Butterfly Lullaby!  


My little girl, Little Snowflake said to me "Mummy I will go to court with you to fight all the people that have stopped you trading!" When I showed her my old blog and all the comments and how someone had tampered with it and deleted all my videos etc she was so cross she said that's it, lets get out of Wales and go to Weymouth to live with Grandma. Five years of marketing and all my hard work has been stolen and ripped off. People on the Internet have done all they can to stop me trading and sadly justice is yet to be served! Even my Butterfly Lullaby trademark has not protected me against bad people who care not about children!

Here is my original blog. All my lovely comments from people deleted by those who are determined to stop Butterfly Lullaby from flying all the way to the Olympics and getting justice for all women and children. 


If you go to see the sailing in Weymouth make sure to visit the Upwey Wishing Well. It is a stunning place with magical gardens with the best wishing well in the world! Here are some images I created using the Upwey Wishing Well gardens.

I will have to show you the comments I recorded yesterday from my original Butterfly Lullaby lyrics blog, which now no longer exist. If only I had read them out. It is amazing what nasty gremlins get away with and sad that Mother and Children get no help or support to bring justice to our world. What we need is the Butterfly Princess to fly down to Weymouth and ask Mandeville and Wenlock to share their colour and make our land one to be proud of! But sadly most rich people do not know how to share!

Oh the pink warning message has come up again. So will you get to see this blog, I somehow doubt it! The power of money ah. And how it can make people such evil nasty little beings! I wonder if their is a court outside of the UK that will bring justice to all people?

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