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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Can you sing?

Can you sing? I can't! My partner and daughter always make fun of me when I try. But hey singing makes us smile even if some of us are tone death.

Now for a laugh here is my voice singing Smile. I could not video myself as I am camera shy. I am trying to teach my little girl to sing Smile for Grandma and hope to add the recording to You Tube. Why don't you record yourself singing Smile for a laugh too. I find that although I sound bad, this song is easier to sing than most songs and even my little girl said Mummy you can sing a little. She was just being polite and Daddy said honey NO, please stop singing! Well he used to sing for a living so should no.

Here is an audio of my little girl singing at school for the first time with her artwork. She is now in the school choir.

Sadly we are no longer allowed to video our children performing at the Grand Theatre because of our world's lack of family values and child protection. Basically adults are putting their own selfish needs before our children and for that reason we cannot show them performing on the Internet. If you are a mother do you not feel we should have a special Mummy's website that gives children morals and standards away from things that are not child friendly so our little girls and boys can shine? By the way the village I live in is lovely and the Welsh people are very friendly. Like some English people who have not gotten over the war you get some Welsh people who dislike the English thanks to Monarchs and the English Government. So my little girls school got booed because they said we are the Queen by the Welsh speaking school. Seriously when is education going to teach about old history and make sure they are aware that not everyone is the same and give individuals a chance to shine.

My little girl singing a song she made up with Daddy:

Daddy singing Nessun Dorma:

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