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Monday, 16 July 2012

Cheap Wenlock + Mandeville toys

Little Snowflake my little girl is Olympic mad. Seeing as we cannot go and see Madison Race at the Paralympics I thought I ought to buy her some Olympic toys. Lucky for me Argos have a sale and they are half price. Total bargain! Some Wenlock toys were £4.50 and the others £4.99. Usual price £9.99 each. So Mummy is very happy. And the cute little Wenlock T-shirt was approximately £6.

Here is Little Snowflake talking about the Olympic toys which she just loves.

I was going to stop blogging as it seems that no matter what I do there is always someone trying to stop me from achieving to support my little girl and give her a better life. But this Mummy has to have her own Olympic game (Paralympics.) I am proud that I am like Mandeville as I am not perfect the way some British people expect you to be, dyslexia can hold you back. But maybe sometimes we need to show the bigger picture so people can say wow well done for not giving up!

The Mandeville and Wenlock story where the rainbow colours the characters is very similar to mine. Colour me a fairies wish is my children's story based on Butterfly Lullaby. Where the rainbow colours the Olympic characters the raindrops from the rainbow colour my two little fairies.

I nearly got to work with a famous man from Children's TV. But sadly the Internet sent me too many Gremlins to deal with and my dreams were gone. At least I am left with this memory of him reading my story Colour me a fairies wish, which we were going to personalise for children around the world. As you can see the fairies start off with black and white wings and then they end up with all the colours of the rainbow.


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