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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cheap Wenlock toys

Are you looking for cheap Wenlock toys? Go to Argos as Olympic toys are half price from £4.50 to £4.99, usual price £9.99 each. I love the swimming Wenlock very Weymouth! The Gold Wenlock is from the Weymouth Olympic Shop along the Seafront. Are you going to see the Olympic Sailing in Weymouth?  

We need to pick up my little girls sports magazine she created with sports women Non Evans signature on it. She really wanted a signature from the sand artist down in Weymouth so left it there. I think her Grandmothers is going to try and get some signatures for her as her brother has a B&B where Sky TV are staying. How exciting! One sports signature she really wants is that of Madison as her Great Grandad is on her family tree. Mandeville is loved just the same as Wenlock! You can get a baby Mandeville with a London T-shirt which Little Snowflake shows you in the video.

I have just ordered a T-Shirt with Little Snowflakes Olympic painting on it for her teacher. But I have added all the flags. Will show you once it has been printed.

My Butterfly Lullaby book promotes Weymouth and the Upwey Wishing Well! Team Britain! It would be so great if the Olympics made us into a proper team and put a stop to racism and brought back respect for old fashioned family values. Then we could really remember the Olympics with pure happiness as sports seems to get all the money these days! So it has an obligation to make us proud!

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