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Friday, 20 July 2012

English Alien t-shirt

Yesterday my little girl, Little Snowflake, gave her Headmaster the above English alien T-shirt (Musical Alien t-shirt.) I will have to create a video as you cannot see the image that clearly. The alien is playing all musical instruments and singing at the same time. She drew this character for a school protect and got full marks so it seemed the perfect image to make into a t-shirt. Little Snowflake is a total artistic genius. It is the perfect t-shirt for the headmaster because he is head of the school choir. The alien t-shirt reads Out of this World School Choir.


Some people call English people living in Wales English Aliens. So I thought this t-shirt was quite apt. We may be aliens to some, but  English aliens believe that Great Britain should be a team of people acting for all our children. Putting them all first, no matter what language or Country they come from. And that is what makes Wenlock and Mandeville so special! Here is my little girl talking about the Olympic characters who clearly are English aliens. But hey they are very cute!


I would like to introduce you to Jaco who calls us English Aliens:


When Will I am carried the torch for the Olympics I was proud because it shows that England especially welcomes different cultures to our Country and we love American people. I am told he has sponsored some children's charity, which is very kind of him as children need all the help and support they can get away from racism, bullying and poverty. Here is an audio of Little Snowflake singing Heal the world at school for the first time. You will also see some pictures she drew of flower aliens (her own design.)

When my little girl sang Save me by Queen at the Grand Theatre I was shocked to hear that the Welsh speaking school booed them in rehearsal for saying we are the Queen. Meaning the band Queen. I really hope that the English football team will help stamp out racism and get our English school choirs and Welsh school choirs together to sing Heal the World on the football and rugby pitch, then put an end to this hate as it teaches our children to bully. Adults should know better and our children deserve more from us all.

Lastly I leave you with a Wenlock alien design with all the British flags, except England, because we like to think we are all one team. The British Flag is something we need to celebrate and try to help one another to create a better world because it is possible if we all try!


Here is the Welsh Moron the Carrot Alien who is just so cute. My little girl designed him in the hope to help me learn Welsh. Currently the way things are in Wales it would not matter if I was fluent in Welsh as I am not Welsh and cannot say I am proud to be Welsh. But at least I tried to learn a little Welsh with no help or support from those that could have made a difference!

I will leave you with my little girls other alien characters which I made into plastic characters. I think she is a total artistic genius and if she was in England she would go far.

Well that is all from me the English Alien living in Wales 
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