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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Family fun Weymouth Olympics

Every year we go for a walk along the beach in Weymouth to check out the Sand Sculptures along the seafront. This year we could not see any sand sculpture as it was a work in progress. But excitedly we saw that the artist had opened Sand World just up the road. Well of course being a family of artists we had to check it out. And what fun we all had! Still waiting for the photos to arrive!!!

My little girl got to create her very own sand sculpture and brought the above Postcard, which she adores. As you can see Little Snowflake even had a go at drawing the Sea Mermaid sculpture and used the fish in her Wenlock and Mandeville sea painting.


Your kids big and little will be totally amazed!

This is what we saw and we would definatley go back!

The staff are so friendly in Sand World and help your child build their own little sand creation using water, sand and moulding tools. When Little Snowflake asked "Can I please have an autograph from the sand sculpting artist?" They replied yes of course. Just buy a Postcard and collect it in the week. Well Little Snowflake brought the above Sea mermaid postcard, which is in her picture above, and asked if Mark Anderson (sand artist) would sign her hand made magazine she created. They said yes. That week Little Snowflake had met Welsh sports lady Non Evans and had her signature on the cover of her made up magazine. She drew a picture of her and wrote all about her. So when she gets her Olympic magazine back she will write about Sand World and the Sailing in Weymouth. Grandma lives in Weymouth so she is going to see if she can get her some other autographs as Little Snowflake is Olympic and Paralympic mad.

Here is the link to Sand World

Little Snowflake is also very proud to be related to a Paralympic Star. Her Great Grandad is on her family tree. I hope I can somehow get a signed autograph for Litttle Snowflake before her favourite Paralympic star leaves the UK for OZ.


You can buy the Gold Wenlock in the Olympic shop in Weymouth, Dorset. As far as I know you cannot get this toy in another shops.

Why not visit my favourite wishing well and order some yummy food whilst listening to the water flowing through the magical Upwey Wishing Well gardens.

Here are my little Butterfly Lullaby fairies from my story book. I wonder if you will see them dancing amongst the flowers?

I think this is the same Holiday camp where I met my partner Jakson Lee. He was one of the local singers in this Weymouth holiday camp. Both my Dad and sister were so impressed with his singing voice they came back to get me to listen to him. The rest is history.

I think Weymouth should ask my partner Jakson Lee to sing Nessun Dorma at the Weymouth Sailing Olympics to help put a stop to racism in the UK. How sad that he no longer sings for a living, all because of stupid old history, which has nothing to do with us! My Uncle went into a local pub near us and asked the manager "Do you support local acts?" They said yes of course. But as soon as my Uncle mentioned we had moved up from England they walked away! But I know Jakson Lee can really sing and so do these people and nationality should have nothing to do with it!

I believe Weymouth Sailing Olympics should also have our daughter singing Heal the World and put shame on all racist sports people that teach our children to bully. Even better have her singing God save our children at a football match!

Little Snowflake should then sing Save me by Queen  and ask the question why are children not allowed to have video footage of them singing at the Grand Theatre? Why are they not allowed to look back on important memories when they have stood in front of 700 people and sang their little hearts out. Why are some adults so selfish and not able to put children first? I hope in the future people will see just how unreasonable this is and sort it out. All we need is a CRB check website for Struggling Mothers to sell old and new things with no fees. A place where our children can shine safely away from the Riff Raff. And a place where good Dad's can help Struggling Mothers to earn a living so they can be with their children at home! It is not a lot to ask!

Weymouth is a gorgeous little seaside town. And you will have lots of fun there. The shops are close by the seafront. And there is plenty to do. I really hope that this year with such an important event like the Olympics that people really help put a stop to racism and bullying as our children expect more from adults!

Lastly, although Wales does not love me because I am English, I still promote you because there are some lovely kind Welsh people in Wales who should not be associated with the ones that hate us. So if you are looking for a fairy tale castle to visit here it is!

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