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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Girls cartoon bag

All the girls at school are going mad for the new girls cartoon bag by Prosportsac. After hours of making my little girl her very own cartoon bag with her designs, she has decided that she wants the real cartoon bag.

Here we have the handmade cartoon bag and pencil case I made for my little girl using her own designs. The bottles are from the above cartoon bags. But the little girl character etc is her own design. And I think it is so cute and original. So why would she want a bag like everyone else? Because she loves to draw and finds copying the characters fun! She does have her own cartoon characters too which are brilliant.

Her little cartoon pencil case:

Little snowflake is busy writing her Sweetie Magazine based on the cartoon bag characters. Her friend has said can I please have a copy. To print these magazine would cost a fortune so I wonder if I can sell them as some sort of download? It is times like this I wish our Government was more forthcoming with helping struggling Mothers earn a living from home. I have great ideas for a website for Struggling Mothers giving us the opportunity to sell old and new things and a place where our children can shine in a safe family environment. Big companies should be paying for advertising and we should be getting support to give our kids a better future.

Take a look at the cartoon characters she designed based on vegetable and fruit pirates. I made them into plastic characters from her designs.

Here is my little girls artwork and her singing Heal the World:

It makes me so cross that the UK is so full of selfish adults putting their own needs before our children resulting in our kids not being able to look back on old video footage of them at the Grand Theatre singing thanks to sick people and those that want certain things on the Internet that are not child friendly!

When are British Mothers going to say enough is enough?

Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+. If you are fed up too get in contact!

P.S. I do not have any control over the advertising so if there is a cheap and nasty Jane below offering some sort of date ignore it!

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