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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Girls cartoon bag

10% of girls cartoon bag if you buy direct through Peppermintbags.


The power of child advertising. One little girl goes to school with a girls cartoon bag and before she knows it everyone little girl in her class wants one. She wanted to be original and be the only one with the bag, but the characters on the bag have made it so popular that girls want this bag so they can draw the characters and make up their own little stories and characters like Little Snowflake, my little girl. What makes Little Snowflake different is her imagination and the way she has turned the ghost character on the bag into a ghost balloon character that kids are going wild for. She is trying to sell them for £1 each and wants to give some money to Jodie's charity Cystic Fibrosis because she loves and cares about her cousin!

In the video above you will here my little girl talking about her new girls cartoon bag and the magazine she has made up.

She has called her balloon cartoon characters Sweeties and this is her Sweetie song she made up with one of the cartoon characters from the bag. She used her friends Magic Pens that draw stripes and shapes. Cool!

Where can you buy this girl cartoon bag from? Peppermintbags.com
What is it called? Funfair rucksack


Little Snowflake has made a few magazines up based on the girls cartoon bag characters and here they are:

Mummy is on an Olympic Mission to try and change British Culture to be more caring and to put our children at the top of the society tree. Currently our children are not allowed to shine or look back on important events thanks to some selfish adults. My Little girl sang at the Grand Theatre in front of 700 people but we were not allowed to video this footage thanks to the way our world is. This is wrong. Children need a safe place to shine on the Internet and Struggling Mothers need help and support to earn a living with no fees. We also need to work on old history that sadly still effects too many people thanks to old Monarchs and Governments. They said we could not video our kids, but not that we could not audio it!

Why do we need to change the way Britain is? Because currently there are far too many single Mothers struggling with no help or support. There are far too many fatherless children. And children should not be having children. The media and Internet need to take responsibility for breaking up families and for promoting things that are not family or child friendly!

I am giving away free Olympic Flags and Mask Templates for a special children's Olympic games idea that you can play at home. Show some compassion and in return help me to make our children's life better for fighting verbally for change and add me as a friend on Google+. My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I hope that my little girl will look back with pride to say that the Olympic Year was one she will remember for the rest of her days because it made a difference to children's lives!

Free Olympic Flags and Mask to play the fun Olympic / Paralympic game from home!

Contact Sharon J. Bainbridge if you care about our children's future and want to help them have a happy one.

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-J-Bainbridge www.butterflylullaby.co.uk, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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