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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Google Adverts child friendly

I really hope all the adverts on my Butterfly Lullaby blogs are child friendly as this is a family blog with my little girls artwork etc. And I am somewhat old fashioned compared to most in the UK. My little girl does not wear high heals or put make-up and nail varnish on. She is what I expect a child to be and that is natural and pure as snow, acting like a child and not a grown up. Maybe the Gremlins are back at work causing more harm because they are allowed to do whatever they want?

So if there are any adverts at all that are not what I call family friendly I do hope that Google will fix this asp. I know it must be difficult as our culture does not put family values first. And there are no CRB check websites for children to shine, which means they are not allowed video footage of them when they sing at the Grand Theatre because adults have to have what they want on the Internet! (Selfish big kids.) I know I am an English alien. But respect and honour for women and children is important.

Please support Little Snowflake and help her to help other children be real kids. Get them back to childhood and stop letting bad adults teach them racism and how to dress badly! They are children not adults!

I hope that Little Snowflake will get to sing Heal the World with her school at one of the football matches to put a stop to racism. Our children expect more from adults and currently they are behaving very badly!

This is how women and children are degraded and I quite frankly am not amused! And as for my business where the little gremlins got away with doing what they want. You have not won yet!

No one gets away with making my little girl cry because they are stopping Mummy from earning! I will be taking my camcorder to the papers and seeing just how heartless they all are!

Sharon J. Bainbridge Google

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