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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mandeville painting Paralypics 2012

Here I am talking about my Mandeville watercolour painting on Canvas, which Little Snowflake (my little girl) refuses to let me try and sell on Ebay. You guessed it another one of my paintings is going into her little art gallery in her room, she is Mummy's biggest fan. And it is so nice to have one fan, te he.

Mandeville is running with the Olympic Torch along the road in the colourful happy land, that I wish we all lived in. The trees are made of upside down hearts. The red, white and blue balloons signify how important Team Britain is for our children to get out of a recession. So lets make our children proud and fight for all their rights to have a happy and non stressful life compared to most parents on low salaries. We can win, but we all have to try! Join my Olympic Challenge and lets see if we can get sponsorship for a website to support struggling mothers and children as we are worth it!

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