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Friday, 13 July 2012

Monster High Doll Olympics

If you scroll down you will see a lot of Olympic costumes and masks that I have made for the Monster High dolls. But first I am very pleased to share that I have just had a message from London Mum Magazine to tell me that I have had the most hits on my blog for Lagoona Blue, one of the Monster High Dolls. Very excitedly she said well done! Monica has mentioned that I am one of the most creative Mum's on her blog and loved the Olympic dolls costumes I sent her for her Barbie and Bratz dolls. A while ago I started making dolls costumes to fit Monster High dolls and started selling them on Ebay. Problem is the fees for selling, cost of making and time involved does not make the whole process worth doing, unless you get people that collect unusual dolls costumes and don't mind paying decent money for your items.

Here is a video of me talking about Lagoona Blue and the costume I made for her. I got the fish idea from the doll herself as she is a fishy sort of a doll.

This is me as Lagoona Blue back in the 80's. If my daughter dressed in a bin bag to go out for the night when she turns 18 I would have a fit, as I do not want her making Mummy's mistakes. But we can both laugh at how silly I looked and thankfully she has her head screwed on so will not follow in Mummy's footsteps.

If you have come across this page maybe you could leave me some comments on my other dolls costumes for Monster High. This is Draculaura another Monster High Doll  in a costume I designed. I like the dolls costumes to be arty, wacky but classy! I really do not like dolls clothes that lack respect as it is not teaching our little girls good morals and how to dress later in life. I mean very short skirts etc.

When you are young you do some funny things. I must have been the original Monster High Doll back in the 80's. Take a look at my Monster High Dress and yes I did wear too much make-up. Something I have taught my little girl never to do. And I guess I am an old fashioned Mum now as I encourage my daughter not to wear make-up or nail varnish as childhood is so short you just need to be a kid!

I think every Draculaura should have a happy ending so lets pretend that she is under a horrific spell that has made her into a bat like the one in my story book Butterfly Lullaby.

My daughters friend had a Monster High doll so I made her this costume for Cleo. Sold a pair of these Eagle Wings to an art gallery in Ireland.

I made these masks for Monster High dolls for Easter. What do you think. Sold one to a lady in the USA.

I hand painted this British Mask and made the dress and butterfly flag bag:

I sent this little Olympic outfit to Monica from London Mum's Magazine. I hand painting the whole top. And of course designed the mask myself too. She is of course from Italy.

Here is the Welsh Olympic costume which has the same colours as the Italian flag:

Monster High Sport costume I designed for Madison who is related to my Great Grandad. Good luck Madi at the Paralympics, wish we could see you race live. My little girl would so love to meet you and have an autograph from you as we are all so proud to have you in our family tree. Little Snowflake is Olympic mad.

Now lets stick some Olympic masks on those dolls for the British Olympic and Paralympic games!

Here is the blog I wrote on London Mum's Blog

Ok Mum's I have an Olympic challenge for you. I think Mothers should have a Struggling Mothers website so we can sell new and old things with no fees. The advertising could pay for the IT running of this site. It would be a place where our little kids could shine in safety. If you are with me on this one get in contact!
And don't forget you can leave comments below!

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