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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mothers Olympic Google Blog Race

My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I am a Mother on a Google Blog Olympic mission for a better future for not only my little girl but other children and mothers too. I suppose it is more of a Paralympic challenge as I am not perfect the way some British People expect me to be. My English is not to the standard one expects. But never mind ah as I am sure I must be good at something? This of course puts up many brick walls in my path. But one advantage I have is that life has not been easy and I have had to fight my whole life for justice and I am not about to throw in the towel now. The thing is this journey has made me realise that I need to try not only to change my life for my little girl but for other children too and mothers who simply do not get the support they deserve. I believe we deserve more than we are getting. My Paralympic painting is how I wish our world could be, full of colour and heart trees. People in power can change poor peoples lives but sadly their favourite word is 'NO.' And Great Britain loves to pretend that we are all rich with the Queen, when the reality is we are not. Come on Mandeville you can win this race!

I have met many rich and powerful people in  my time and sadly they all sing the same old song, one for them and non for us. Too many people in power say 'NO!' Instead of saying "YES" to helping others, especially those who have no idea what it is like to financially struggle. Shops should be ashamed of themselves for their prices and lack of support to help struggling mothers earn money for a website so others can sell old and new things with NO FEES. A place where children can shine creating art and craft videos in a safe haven away from the trash on the Internet that puts them in danger, destroys family values and even mothers on line business. Justice what is that then, well we all know how some rich men in Great Britain treat women by the Made in Dagenham film, so it is not surprising at all that Struggling Mothers get no support. My friend lost her house to a house fire. Both her and her husband sleep on a sofa because they cannot afford a four bed house, which by law they must have. One rule for the powerful and one for the poor. She suffers terribly with heart problems and her joints. Disability allowance should be hers as her mother was a cripple and she is suffering from the same sort of thing that she believes will leave her unable to look after herself. So the question is how can the Mormon church stand back and not help this family in need. Well you have to pay money to get help like everything else in the selfish world. 

Take a look at my painting Trapped in the City I did back in my 20's. This painting is based on how I felt at the time working for a man in London that paid me really low wages and did not treat me with the respect I deserved. £25 a week working long hours and not getting back to my Nan's until 7-8pm and later at night was not a living but slavery. When I was off with asthma and had to have the doctors out I was asked "did I have a nice holiday?" The promises made to me never were kept! But I taught myself to type on a telex machine and was told that I could have been an amazing ship broker, yet financially I was not rewarded for all my hard work. Well lets face it some rich people find it so hard to part with their money. 

Change is 110% percent possible if the rich were able to share and not be so selfish. Seriously how many cars and houses does one person need? British Mothers need to really think hard about how some men have treated them and realise that our little girls deserve a better life. If we do nothing they will end up growing up and struggling the way we have had to because of Greedy Selfish Banks who drain the poor. And because rich men and women in Government have no idea what it is like to financially struggle and expect the poor to live on peanuts. What they really need to do is bring back family values and help Mothers earn from home using the Internet so we can all be with our children and help one another to a better life. Just take a look at Madison and how she has never given up on life, it must run in the blood as she is related to my Great Grandfather. I wish all British people could put past history behind them and stop racism in the UK and live and let live. Helping one another to create a better world for our children and really make Great Britain proud. I want to say and really mean it that I am proud to be British!

Family values are so important to our children. Currently they are growing up in a world that does not put them first. Our children should have a voice. They have the right to a real father and mother who are capable of putting them at the top of the family tree. A real father should respect the mother of his child and the same with the mother. All this trash that destroys families is not acceptable in the family home and we need to stop pretending that it is. Britain's got talent shows just how bad things have got with showing women that have no respect for themselves degrading us as mothers but worse than that showing children things that should not be for their eyes. How on earth will our daughters ever meet a decent man when they are older. Especially with so many gay rights for them to leave the nest and not take responsibility seriously.

I sadly do not know one British person willing to fight verbally for a better life for our children. This shows that too many people put up brick walls. How on earth can we teach our children that they cannot win. Surely the Olympics teaches them anything is possible. So take down that brick wall and get in contact and lets create a team of Mothers that want to make their children proud so they never have to experience the financial struggles that we do.

Well I have to go time to spend some time with my little girl. I hope my blogs will one day be seen by the world and force our worldwide Governments to put our children first and help their mothers.

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