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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Old Cine Film Hastings

My Grandfather was a hard working man. He had his own building firm and Nan was the only person on their street to have a Cine Film and they had the first ever black and white TV. Can you imagine back then the sure luxury of being able to video your family and look back on old memories.

Well here is some old video footage of Hastings, East Sussex, UK in the early 1970's.

In the Old Cine Film you will see the old slide along the Hastings Seafront. The old boating lake. And my favourite the old outdoor swimming pool. How my sister and I loved going to that pool we would spend the whole day their if we could with the family. What a shame it closed down. Things were so different back then I had the childhood that my little girl could only dream of. The freedom to explore and go down to the beach on my own with friends and to the park too. Back then I used to walk and hour to and from school from the age of 5 years old because my poor Mother suffered badly from an illness that no one understands. How I wish I could go home to England and be with my Mum, Sister, Brother, Nan and family. Even though I feel sad about the lack of family values in Britain I got very home sick when I lived in New Zealand and feel I do not belong here in Wales. I did love New Zealand as everyone made me feel so welcome the culture out their is very outdoor and everyone is happy. Maybe one day our luck will change and we can go back home to Hastings.

I am the little girl with the sailor swimsuit on with the attached skirt. So sweet. If only companies made children's clothing today in the same manor instead of making our little girls grow up too quickly.
Mum made me a beautiful turquoise velvet dress, which I wore to the Zoo. 

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