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Friday, 20 July 2012

Olympic Aliens


Wenlock and Mandeville are English aliens trying so hard to be Team Great Britain. Carrying the Olympic flag through the whole of Britain with pride, in the hope to sway those that still blame individual English people for past history, which has nothing to do with them. Even Will I am got involved and that is one thing I adore about England the fact that no matter what nationality you are London makes you welcome.

Mandeville looks very similar to Wenlock with the alien eye. And I have to say this makes a huge statement about no matter what you look like, which Country you come from, we should all be equal. You go Little Mandeville and shine your torch for all to see with Wenlock by your side.


I ordered a T-shirt from my little girls Wenlock design for her Welsh teacher. Her school is English speaking but they also speak some Welsh. As you can see from the T-shirt design I added a few things that are difference to her original painting. The Welsh flag mask is at the top with Teacher of the year! You made me laugh! You made me sing! You made school fun! My little girl just adored her teacher and is very sad that she does not have him next term. Her Wenlock picture has four balloons flying to the sky. I added flag ribbons for Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Great Britain. Notice how I did not include the English flag, because I have grown up believing that we were one team acting for all our children. Sadly I now know we are not, but I hope that with some support we can change this. As nothing is impossible as Mandeville knows!


I know now why I have had so many problems with my business over the five years of trying to trade. I stupidly back in 2005 thought that Wales and England were all part of one big British Team. Five years later it is very apparent that we are not.

But that does not mean we cannot compromise and do what is best for all our children. Live and let live. All children have rights. The Welsh have the right to speak their own language and the English speaking Welsh children have the right to chose what language they want to speak as we are part of Great Britain.

Sharon J. Bainbridge English alien in Wales

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