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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Olympic Bunny Rabbit

Our Bunny Rabbit Cindy Woo is an Olympic racer. We allowed her to run free for a while in our garden. Suddenly we noticed she was disappearing and was over in next doors garden. Neighbours did not mind at all. But the problem is Cindy Woo is a bit like my partner, she has selective hearing. When I called her to come back over she would turn her back and mumble in rabbit language "Just try and catch me!" Over the fence my little girl would go and it was a bit like watching a Benny Hill show. I know I am showing my age now. Lets listen to the music and imagine our little black rabbit running as fast as she can to escape coming back inside and not getting caught. 

Silly, silly Cindy Woo. If she had only stayed in our garden, she would still be allowed out. Now we have one depressed Olympic Bunny rabbit on our hands. So if anyone has a huge rabbit run please do get in contact. We live in the Swansea area UK. Lets take a look at Cindy Woo our pet Bunny rabbit enjoying the rain before we had to lock her back up in the house. It was bucketing it down and we found it so strange that she seemed to love the rain even though before she hated water when my little girl tried to take her for a wee paddle in her pool a few years ago.

Here is Little Snowflake with Cindy Woo and her telling our pet Bunny Rabbit "Don't eat my Toothless."

I did try and make Cindy Woo a rabbit lead when we first got her but she is a little escape artist.

I made a Cindy Woo Bunny Rabbit toy by transforming a Zhu Zhu pet into a rabbit, I just added big ears.

Cindy Woo is our Black Easter Bunny. And she is sitting under the old apple tree like my story Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy.

Lets leave with Cindy Woo the Snow bunny. There is something extra cute about seeing a baby bunny rabbit in the snow, especially one with a red Christmas lead.



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