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Monday, 23 July 2012

Olympic Bunny rabbit

Our Olympic Bunny rabbit escaped the rabbit run we brought yesterday for her so she could enjoy the garden again. Pets at home told us that there is no way she will jump and escape unless she is an amazing Olympic rabbit. Which she has proved to be! So the rabbit run will be going back and we will have to think of another plan to try and keep her in our garden. Ideally we would like something we can all sit in with her and do art in the garden. Cindy Woo enjoys picking up the paint brushes and pens. 

Here is Cindy Woo enjoying the rain when we used to let her out in the garden. That was before she started getting into next doors garden and we had to chase around her to get her back.

This is Cindy Woo when we first got her and we took her out into the snow. The lead is one I made out of velvet. It worked for a while but then she managed to escape.

As you can see Cindy Woo is bigger here. Another handmade lead, which also worked for a while, but then she escaped again!

Here is Cindy Woo enjoying her freedom in the garden. If only she stayed in our garden she would still be allowed out. But no she had to go next door.

Cindy Woo with our Butterfly on her back. Sadly the butterfly died. He had a broken wing so we could not set him free like the others.

Don't bite my toothless Cindy Woo. Cindy Woo our Olympic bunny is quite a character. I call her Cindy Woo the escape artist and Cindy Woo the destroyer. As the amount of things that bunny rabbit has destroyed and chewed up is too long a list to go through. My partner left the hoover in the kitchen when we were away with the lead on the floor (silly.) Of course the rabbit eat that.

My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I am an English alien mother who believes change is possible if you only try! Not many of us around, but I hope people will change!

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